Chapter 2.30

Author’s Note: My readers are probably used to this by now but immediately before writing this chapter I downloaded Midnight Hollow.  That being said I may have added a toy store to Starlight Shores.  Mollie and Adam may have visited that store in hopes of it being a plot line but I may have been so excited about the new objects that there may only be one random photo from this adventure.  It’s gonna be a little weird when we get there.  Try to go with it.  Thanks.

Yes, I am mother of the year.  I couldn’t help it.  I was nine months pregnant, caring for a toddler, and trying to parent two ridiculously rebellious teenage daughters.  I was bound to fall asleep in the rocking chair while my toddler son is eating in the other room.

His screaming when he was finished eating jolted me awake.  Well, he wasn’t dead yet so I wasn’t a total failure yet.

A new toy store had just opened downtown and I thought it would be fun to take Adam to get some new toys before the baby arrived.  I packed him up after breakfast and off we went.

He loved the toys.  They even had an area where the kids could try out the toys.  There was also a sitting area for parents and I may or may not have fallen asleep again.

This was a huge mistake.  When I woke up Adam was gone.

The clerk told me a woman named Victoria had taken him outside to the merry-go-round.  I had never seen her before but the clerk said she knew Adam.

I tracked her down outside behind the building.  She still had Adam with her.

“YOU!  Give me my son!”

“NO!  Wait!  Let me explain!”


I toadified her.  I wasn’t even sure I knew how to perform that spell correctly.  I had never done it before.  I couldn’t help it.  I went into Mama Bear mode and reacted.

Adam seemed unconcerned.  I bought him one of everything in the store and then we left the store immediately.

When we returned home I set Adam down in the play room.  I found Garrett in the den reading the paper.  I didn’t want to tell him about the incident at the toy store because I was the one who was sleeping on the job, literally.  I didn’t want him to know I had almost failed as a mother twice in one day.

“Hey, you.  I know I’m as big as a whale but do you think you could look past my house-like size and make some time for a frisky woman?”

“It’s cute that you think you have to ask.”

Before heading upstairs with Garrett I made sure to check on Adam.  After the day we’d had I was worried he might have licked an outlet or something.  He was fine.  His real dilemma was trying to decide if he should play with his drum, car, train or one of his older toys.  Rough life.

An hour later I came down to get Adam ready for bed.

“Oh, goodness.  Mommy’s belly is getting too big for this!  I hope you are ready to be a big brother soon.  Mommy’s tummy hurts tonight.”

“Baby make mama hurt?  Bad baby!”

“No, honey.  The baby isn’t bad.  It just really wants mommy to let it out so it can meet you!”


“Yes, you are, sweetie.”

It was only about four hours later that I woke up and knew that it was go time.

“Garrett, we gotta go!”

Garrett was really helpful at this point.  We had a plan but he seemed unable to follow it.

“WHAT DO I DO?  Oh, my God.  What do I do!?”

“Garrett!  Tell the girls we are leaving and they are in charge of Adam.”

“Oh my God!  I gotta wake the girls!”

I’m glad this is the last time we have to do this.  He is so not helpful when it comes to this birth thing.

I did feel a bit sad that this is the last time I will feel the excitement of a tiny life growing inside my body.  It is a pretty fantastic experience.

There wasn’t much time for thinking.  This little nugget was on it’s way.

The next day we brought Lucille Kathleen Hanks home with us.  She was a bit of a surprise since we both expected a boy but we love her nonetheless.  She has quite the set of lungs on her.  She’s the piece we didn’t know was missing.  Now, we are complete.

Chapter 2.29

We were over the moon with Adam in our lives.  Everything finally felt complete.  Which is why I was a little nervous about the impending birth of our fourth child.

To take my mind off my fears I redecorated our lower level.  We never really used this space and I thought it would make a great play area for Adam and I.

However, I couldn’t help but feel terrible every time I went in to get Adam out of bed.  We adopted him because we couldn’t get pregnant.  We wanted to give him an amazing life.  He was our missing puzzle piece.

Garrett and I had thrown caution to the wind for years just figuring that there was no way I was going to get pregnant again.  Then after 15 years and one beautiful adopted son…I’m pregnant.  I felt horribly guilty.

I was determined to spend as much time with Adam as I could before the new baby arrived.  I kept telling myself that he would love me even if he had to share my attention with a new baby.  I promised myself that I had enough love and energy for all of my children.

Garrett was great!  He really understood my fears and stepped up to the plate.  He did all the icky parenting parts like potty training.  He also really helped out with the house chores.

We both were over the moon about this pregnancy.  We were a little afraid of it, too.  Both of us worried that I could lose the baby.  It had taken us to long to get this far.  Garrett made sure I had lots of rest time so that I could grow us a healthy baby.

There was one point in the pregnancy when I realized that I might be resting a bit too much.

I am the chef in our family.  There is no disputing that fact.  I got it from my mom.  Well, I was busy eating cookies morning, noon, and night.  It’s what the Little Nugget wanted!  Don’t judge!

I cooked other things for everyone, too.  The issue started when Garrett insisted that I rest more.

Men don’t always think about ALL the places that need to be cleaned.  The refrigerator is one of these places Garrett didn’t think about.

Luckily I was done with my morning sickness at this point.  I spent an entire week cleaning up after everyone.  My husband was more of a baby than the girls!

I did feel bad for them though.  They missed a whole week of school due to food poisoning and then another week due to snow days.



After the food-borne plague left our house and everyone went back to school I realized two things.

1.  Thank goodness little Adam isn’t eating solids yet.

2. Garrett is off cleaning duty for the rest of his life.

Chapter 2.28

Today was our big snowflake day party!  We invited my family and the twins’ boyfriends.

The only problem was the fact that I felt awful.  The flu had attacked our family for the past week and now it was my turn.

Penny was not making things any easier on my stomach.  Colleen had politely declined my invite after the issues we’ve had with her and Penny dating the same guy.  Colleen had reconciled with her beau but as soon as he walked in the door Penny decided to lay claim again.  Needless to say the whole family was clearly upset with her at that moment.

We all got it together long enough to open gifts.  We could at least pretend to be one big happy family long enough to get some loot!  Penny got some sports gear and Liv ended up with more makeup and clothes.  Garrett gave me cooking gear and I bought him a new laptop.  Everyone was pleased with their goodies!

“Ugh…Be right back!”

It was terribly embarrassing that I was vomiting through the whole party.  I’ve never been so sick.  It was the worst Snowflake Day ever.  I don’t know why anyone stayed.

After I had composed myself Lanya pulled me aside.

“Mollie…could you be pregnant?”

“Of course not, Lanya.  That’s why we just adopted.  We’ve tried for 15 years to get pregnant.  No, I’m not pregnant.”

“Come on.  We’re going upstairs.”

“Just take the test, Mollie.  What’s the worst that can happen?”

“No, Laney.  I’ve seen way to many negative tests.  Even though we have Adam now I just don’t want to do that to myself again.”

“Look.  I am gonna stand outside and barricade that door until you pee on this stick.  So just do it.  Otherwise my three kids will go hungry because I’m not leaving your house until you take this test.”

So I took the test.  Mostly just so Lanya would let me out of the bathroom.  While I waited for the stupid thing to come up negative I analyzed the beginnings of wrinkles in the mirror.

After three minutes of waiting I looked down at a positive pregnancy test.

I wasn’t sure what to do with that.  So I did what any other woman would do after waiting 15 years to see it.  I danced like a maniac.  Then I went back to the party and didn’t tell anyone.

Chapter 2.27

Today is the day we meet our son!

Garrett and I were enjoying the last bits of quiet before a toddler starts roaming the house again.  We were both scared and excited.  It had been years since we had a toddler and let’s be honest, I wasn’t so good at it last time!

Liv was being really helpful.  She was of course also trying to make up for the fact that she was still failing some classes because of her time in the pool halls.

Penny was still nervous about this whole new brother thing.  Despite the tough girl vibe she tries to give off she is very fragile.  She spent most of her morning practicing her potions in the attic.

I cooked all morning.  I didn’t know what this little one was going to eat so I made everything I knew how to make.

And of course cookies.  If there is one thing that makes the house smell like a home it’s cookies.  And what toddler doesn’t love cookies?

I was in the middle of making a third batch of grilled cheese when Garrett called me into the living room.

“Do you see what I just hung from the ceiling?”

“Lay one on me baby!”

“Garrett!  I have so much work to do!  Nanette will be here any time now and–”

Just then the doorbell rang and I knew that our lives were about to change forever.

“Hello?  Mollie and Garrett Hanks…I’d like to introduce you to your son, Adam.  I’ll leave you three to get acquainted.  Call me if you ever need anything.”

She put down the carrier and I went over to pick up my son.

“Hi, Adam.  My beautiful baby boy.”

I didn’t even know what  say or do.  He was so incredible.  When he looked at me for the first time I was instantly in love with my son.

“We have a son, Garrett.  We have a son!”

“He’s perfect, babe.  We have the most beautiful children.”

“Garrett!  We don’t even have a crib!  We’ve got so much to do.  And I haven’t even wrapped the girls Christmas gifts yet!”

“Super Daddy will take it from here!  You get their stuff ready and The Champ and I will head to the store for Little Man supplies!”

“You wanna come to the store with Daddy, Adam?”


“That’s right, Adam.  I’m your Daddy.  I will always be your Daddy.  I won’t leave you.”

Seeing Adam so excited about his Daddy melted my heart.  Seeing Garrett get teary-eyed over having a son caused me to cry a bit too.

We didn’t have much time to get weepy.  There was so much to do!

Garrett headed off to the store for nursery gear and I finished the preparations for the Snowflake Day party tomorrow.

It was hours before I saw Garrett and Adam again.  I was starting to think they got lost in the snow storm.

Apparently it just took them a while to get everything loaded into the car.  Oh, well.  We won’t see another toddler until we are grandparents so we might as well enjoy it while we can.

Chapter 2.26

Everyone is growing like weeds these days.

Aside from Lanya’s green eyes, Luka is the spittin’ image of my brother.  He has a heart of gold despite his rough and tumble appearance.

Speaking of Lanya, she had an announcement in the fall…

A BIG announcement.

We welcomed Louis Basil…

And Lotus Lynette right before Snowflake Day.

Needless to say, Lanya and Oliver moved into a nice four bedroom house near the middle of town.

Meanwhile, our house is falling apart.

It’s great that everything in the house chose now as the perfect time to fall apart because I am hosting our annual Snowflake Day party in two days.

So after fixing the sink AND dishwasher in the kitchen, I set to work on the sink in bathroom.  Then I fixed the shower in the girls’ bathroom.  Did I mention the toilet broke, too?

After I finally got everything repaired I set about putting up the party decorations.  AND THEN my phone rang.  Needless to say I was horribly behind on my chores and not the best of moods.

“HELLO?  What do you want?”

“Uh…Mollie?  It’s Nanette.”

Oh great, I just was a bitch to our social worker.  Now she’ll really want to help us adopt.

“I’m sorry, Nanette.  It’s been one of those mornings where everything goes wrong.”

“Well, let me make it better.  You’ve been selected!”

“Selected for what, Nanette?  What are you talking about?”

“Mollie, you’ve been chosen by a young woman to be the adoptive family of her toddler son.”

“Oh my God, Nanette I’ve got to go.  We have so much to do!”

“Ok well get it done before tomorrow.  Oh, and Mollie, his name is Adam.”

We told the girls the good news that night at dinner.

“Girls, your father and I were chosen to be the adoptive parents of a little boy named Adam.”

Olivia was totally ok with this plan.  In between bites she conveyed her excitement about her new baby brother.

“Oh, that’s great, guys.  Congrats.  Can I go driving with Uncle Oliver tonight?  He promised to teach me.”

Penny on the other hand was not pleased.  She knew this was coming but it didn’t make it any easier for her.

She jumped up from the table and left without saying a word.

I knew she needed time and I found her outside later that night.

“Penny, you knew your dad and I were going to adopt if we couldn’t have our own child.”

“I know that, Mom.  I know it’s silly to think you will love me any less…but why aren’t Liv and I good enough?”

“Oh, honey, that has nothing to do with it.  Your father and I will always love you girls.  We are so proud of you…well less proud than usual with your antics these days but proud nonetheless.  We just feel like our family is complete yet.  I know it’s difficult to understand.  But, Penny, we’ve wanted this since you and Liv were toddlers.”

“Mom, that’s like…15 years.  I didn’t know…I’m so sorry, Mom.  I’m so sorry you were so sad for so long.”

“Just gimme a hug and try to be happy for your father and I.  And for God’s sake please try to be better about following the rules!”


Chapter 2.25

Garrett and I had decided to continue with the adoption process since Snowflake Day was upon us and I wasn’t pregnant yet.

Coincidentally my mother arrived to deliver my prankster daughter to me just as I was finishing up the phone call with Nanette, our social worker.

“Honey, do you really know what your daughters are up to these days?”

“Of course I do!  I’d be a terrible mother if I didn’t know what was going on with them!  They leave for school, attend their activities four days a week and then they either visit with friends or come home and study.  Geez…what do you think I am?!”

“Sweetheart, I don’t think you are a bad mother.  However, your daughters are pulling one over on you.  Olivia is carrying a D average in school…because she’s not going.”

“Well, where the hell is she going, mother, since you know so much.”

“Ask her to join you in a game of pool.  She’s become quite the hustler down at the local bar.”

“Oh my GOD.  Are you serious!?  How do you know?”

“Our daughters attend the same school.  Colleen mentioned that Liv wasn’t attending classes.  I found her in the bar one day when I went in to discuss hosting a party there.”

“She is so DEAD!”

“Don’t worry, Mollie.  I survived you.  You will survive her.”

After Liv and Penny returned from school that afternoon I acted like everything was normal.  I waited in the living room for Garrett to get home.  He and I had some MAJOR thinking to do.

“Liv hasn’t been going to school.  In fact, she’s the best hustler Mick’s Master Karaoke has ever seen.”

“Really…wow, good for her.  She can use that to pay for college.”


“How is the adoption agency ever going to think we are fit parents if our daughter flunks out of high school and hustles men at the pool hall?  We are so screwed.”

Neither one of us spoke for awhile.  There really wasn’t anything to say.

“Honey, let me handle it.  I’ll tutor her until we can get her grades up to par.  I’m not going to let her fail and I’m not going to let us lose our adoption.”

“Are you sure you can handle it?”

“Yes, and if I can’t then we’ll pass her off to your father.  He is superintendent of schools you know.  He’ll knock some A’s into her!”

I felt better after our talk.  We only had a moment of peace before we had to conquer Olivia.

“Well, I started the year out going to school…but you know, it was dumb.  I don’t want to be an astronaut or doctor like Penny does.  I just want to paint and play music.  No school needed.  Instead I thought money would be useful.”

Once Garrett told her how disappointed he was Olivia finally lost her bravado.  It didn’t matter that I was angry, but that her Daddy was disappointed.

She really buckled down that night.  I know she’s a good kid.  She’s definately not the sweet little kid I once knew her to be, though.  Now she’s a young woman with strong opinions and blurry ideas on how the world works.  I hope she figures things out before too long.

So, I have one daughter who is on track to be a juvenile delinquent with her pranks and one daughter who is trying to flunk out of high school.

I’m going to go email the social worker and see if she has any leads on our adoption.

Chapter 2.24

So I have teenagers now.  If I didn’t know they were different before I certainly do now!

After mastering the piano, Liv has taken to the violin.  We bought her a custom one for music club.  She also participates in art club…surprise, surprise I know.

Penny is really enjoying the fact that she is a witch.  In fact, she loves it so much she has taken to turning the neighbors into frogs.  Yes, they do love having us for neighbors.

Penny has also tried casting a Love Charm on her father and I in hopes that I will get pregnant.  You know, because she thinks that we don’t get busy enough  She thinks parents don’t do that kind of think since we are just too old…Ha!  If only she knew!

Speaking of love…the girls are also learning about romance.  I haven’t seen them around the house much these days because when they aren’t at school, the girls are either enjoying after school activities or spending time with potential boyfriends.  Unfortunately it isn’t going so well for Liv.

“I really like you, Mike!”

“Well, don’t you like me, too?”

“WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING, LIV?  Jesus!  We only started dating yesterday.  I think we should take a break!”

“Already?  Why?”

Penny, on the other hand, has a steady boyfriend.  Scott Patterson is a nice boy who moved in down the street.

Well, except that she found out he was cheating on her…with Auntie Colleen.

“I’ll show her she shouldn’t steal my boyfriend!  MOOOOOM!  I’m going to Scott’s house!”

Penny makes good decisions.  You know, the kind of good decisions that result in family feuds that last years.

Speaking of Penny’s good decisions…after she finished making a scene at Scott’s house she went and egged Colleen’s house.  This was Penny’s best decision of the day.  She didn’t take into account that Colleen’s mother is also her grandmother…and my mother.

“PENELOPE HANKS!  What in God’s name are you doing?”

“Um…you know…egg delivery?  Didn’t you…order some from the store…or something?”

“You go home.  Once I get Holly bathed and dressed I’ll be over to speak with your mother.”

“Grammy Liddy!  NOOO!”

So, thanks to my teenage daughter I’m going to get yelled at by my mother.

The fun never stops.

Chapter 2.23

It snowed the day that my little girls became teenagers.

Garrett and Penny tried to get the last little bits of summer out of the day but it didn’t do them any good.  Winter was coming and it was coming fast.

By the end of the day we had 8 inches of snow.  I was glad they got some play time in anyway.

We tried to get the girls some fun gifts.  Penny really wanted to work on her logic and athletic skills so we got her some things to help with that.  Liv just wanted girly things.  She wanted shoes and makeup and other things of the sort.

Whatever works for her I guess.  I have no idea how Garrett and I produced something so…opposite…of both of us.  Ah, well.  We love her anyway.  Goofy girl.

I was in the kitchen cooking up a storm.  I had pies baking, the fryer frying, and I was orchestrating the whole mess.  Nobody could say I didn’t know how to throw a party!

In the midst of trying to do all the prep work, the damn doorbell rang!  Which, I mean, I was expecting…I was hosting a party after all.

I couldn’t believe that my BABY sister was a teenager, too.  And my little brother, the husband and father, was also standing there.

Good Lord, I must be getting old.

Liv was using my distraction as an opportunity to check out her new presents.  She was pretty thrilled about what she was getting.

Before too long it was time for the girls to blow out their candles and become…Young Women.  Ew.  I can’t believe I am a mother to teenagers.

Liv went first.  She was so excited to age up.

In just a matter of seconds my sweet girly girl became…

…a stunning young woman.  I got teary at that moment.

But I had to get it together because I had another daughter to cheer on.

It was fitting that the full moon came out just as my haunting little girl aged up.

She spun around happily and then…

She was a beautiful, spunky teenage genius.

What am I going to do with these girls.  They refuse to stop growing.

Garrett and I need to have another one soon.  I miss the pitter-patter of little feet.  Now I only hear the stomping of mood swings.



First week of school was rough.  The second week is still rough but slightly improved.  Who decides that taking Latin and Old English is a good idea?  Furthermore who thinks it’s a good idea to take them concurrently?!  Oh…this girl.  Ugh.

I have decided (tentatively) to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I have about 8 or 9 posts in the hopper that I really want to get out before I do anymore playing.  I feel like I can’t focus on the new part of the story when the old part is all balled up on the blog.

Uh…so yeah.  That’s all I had to say.  New post coming out tonight, then one on Friday.

Woot!  Enjoy, my lovelies!