Month: September 2013

Chapter 2.30

Author’s Note: My readers are probably used to this by now but immediately before writing this chapter I downloaded Midnight Hollow.  That being said I may have added a toy store to Starlight Shores.  Mollie and Adam may have visited that store in hopes…

Chapter 2.29

We were over the moon with Adam in our lives.  Everything finally felt complete.  Which is why I was a little nervous about the impending birth of our fourth child. To take my mind off my fears I redecorated our lower level.  We never…

Chapter 2.28

Today was our big snowflake day party!  We invited my family and the twins’ boyfriends. The only problem was the fact that I felt awful.  The flu had attacked our family for the past week and now it was my turn. Penny was not…

Chapter 2.27

Today is the day we meet our son! Garrett and I were enjoying the last bits of quiet before a toddler starts roaming the house again.  We were both scared and excited.  It had been years since we had a toddler and let’s be…

Lox-Hanks Family Tree

This is the current family tree for Lydia Lox (Gen 1) and Mollie Hanks (Gen 2).  Adam of course isn’t listed yet because you won’t meet him until tomorrow! Click the image to enlarge the family tree. This is the current family tree for…

Chapter 2.26

Everyone is growing like weeds these days. Aside from Lanya’s green eyes, Luka is the spittin’ image of my brother.  He has a heart of gold despite his rough and tumble appearance. Speaking of Lanya, she had an announcement in the fall… A BIG…

Chapter 2.25

Garrett and I had decided to continue with the adoption process since Snowflake Day was upon us and I wasn’t pregnant yet. Coincidentally my mother arrived to deliver my prankster daughter to me just as I was finishing up the phone call with Nanette,…

Chapter 2.24

So I have teenagers now.  If I didn’t know they were different before I certainly do now! After mastering the piano, Liv has taken to the violin.  We bought her a custom one for music club.  She also participates in art club…surprise, surprise I…

Chapter 2.23

It snowed the day that my little girls became teenagers. Garrett and Penny tried to get the last little bits of summer out of the day but it didn’t do them any good.  Winter was coming and it was coming fast. By the end…


So… First week of school was rough.  The second week is still rough but slightly improved.  Who decides that taking Latin and Old English is a good idea?  Furthermore who thinks it’s a good idea to take them concurrently?!  Oh…this girl.  Ugh. I have…


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