Eternally Yours · Generation 2

Chapter 2.18

Shortly after finding out she was pregnant, mom showed up at the house unannounced.

“What are you doing here!  More importantly…WHY ARE YOU HAVING A BABY!?  You are my mother!  We were already pregnant together once and now you are pregnant and I can’t get there!  What is wrong with you, mother!?”

“What is wrong with you, child.  You might be a full grown woman with children of your own but you will still treat me with respect.  I am very sorry that you cannot conceive, I truly am, but you cannot tell me when I can or cannot be pregnant.”

“But, mom, you just don’t get it.  We’ve been trying for a year!”

“I certainly do get it, dearheart.  Did it ever occur to you that I am a FAIRY.  Chances are you and your daughters and this baby too will be long dead before I ever reach old age.  You will stop acting like a spoiled brat who is not getting your way and you will look at the big picture.  I brought you up better  than this!”


The girls were apparently listening in to our conversation.  We should have known better but tensions were high.

“Ugh.  There they go again.  Where’s Dad?”

“He’s playing video games.  You know he doesn’t want to take sides.  Grammy Liddy is like a second mom to him.”

“We’d better go deal with it.  I’ll take Grammy to the attic to practice alchemy.  You’re better at dealing with Mom.”


“WHAT, Liv?!  What is so important right now?”

“Mommy…why are you so mad at Grammy Liddy?”

“Well, she’s going to have a baby.  And Mommy and Daddy want another one and we haven’t been lucky yet.”

“Look, Mom, if you are having issues getting pregnant why don’t you and Daddy go to a fertility specialist and see if there is anything medically wrong?”

It was then that I realized that I don’t give my little girls enough credit.  It also occurred to me that my little girls weren’t so little anymore.

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