Eternally Yours · Generation 2

Chapter 2.16

Greetings from Starlight Shores!

Some things have changed since we moved!

Mom, Dad, and Colleen downsized and moved into a small house near the beach.

My baby sister Colleen isn’t much of a baby anymore!  She’s in scouts and is quite the athlete.  I’m sure she will be a pro sports star one day!

Oliver grew into quite the handsome young man.  He graduated from high school and was voted most artistic.  He’s a photographer now too!

He bought a house not far from mom and dad.

It’s quite the bachelor pad…which suits him since he is in fact a bachelor.

Oh yeah, this is Paco, his bulldog puppy.  Because, you know, a man needs a ridiculously cute pocket puppy.

It could be for his new girlfriend though.  He is technically a bachelor but hopefully not for long!

Where do we live?

We live here.

Obviously we had some help buying the house.  Mom and dad put a little money in but most of it was from the money I earned with the job I took in China.

The girls are growing up, too.

Penny is a rough and tumble tomboy.  She’s in ballet though, which was shocking for me, but she says its for the athletic skills she’s learning.

Olivia is still my sweet little artist.  She’s also in ballet but probably for different reasons than Penny…

I, too, got a makeover.  It was time for changes all around I guess!

I really can’t complain at the moment.  Life is pretty good!

NOTE: The beautiful house Mollie lives in now was made by the wonderful HarleyQuinn!  I took some liberties with the interior decor (and by that I mean I butchered the house) to create the look that works for the family.  Please visit HarleyQuinn on to see what amazing work she does.  Please don’t let my talentless work reflect poorly on her!

3 thoughts on “Chapter 2.16

  1. Starlight Shores! I have never played there, so this is going to be even more fun than before 😉 I love little Paco. My legacy family has also a bulldog, his name is Snowball 🙂 And the girls are so sweet, I wonder how they get along with their aunt, Colleen.

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