Eternally Yours · Generation 2

Chapter 2.15

Shortly after getting back home I had a talk with Garrett about a plan that was cooking in my head.

“This photo trip has really opened my eyes, Garrett!  There is so much more out there that we can offer our girls.  But…”

“But what, Mollie?  I know there are better schools out there for the girls.  I can work anywhere as a journalist.  Hell, I’ll even give it all up and just be a writer to give them a better life!”

“I would like to move near the ocean.  Moonlight Falls is beautiful but I’ve always wanted to live in a city by the sea.”

“I’ll break out the travel books and I’ll find us a place!  It will be great, Mollie!  We’ve got some calls to make.”

We called our parents first.  I was shocked to learn that my family wanted to move with us!  Mom and dad both wanted a change of scenery and said they would be devastated if they missed their grandkids growing up.  It was settled, we would all move together.

We packed our things over the next few weeks.

I must say I was a bit sad to see our rooms empty.  I felt like we had finally gotten everything just the way we liked it.

I got a little teary eyed when I realized we were leaving the house where things finally started to come together for us.  The girls birthday parties were here, I started my business here.  Our lives were here.

The waterworks really started when I saw the girls playing in their empty rooms the night we left to meet my parents.  We were going to travel cross-country together.

We all stood outside their door that night.  There was no looking back.  Tomorrow we would leave to start our new lives.

After little sleep, I woke up and gathered my wits about me and left Moonlight Falls with my family forever.

One thought on “Chapter 2.15

  1. It’s moving time! I always enjoy playing in a new town. New house, new neighbors, new places to discover, new friends, new everything! Even the game itself loads faster 😉
    So, a place near the ocean… I guess I’m gonna find out in the next chapter.

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