Chapter 2.14

Just flying into China was a treat!

The Forbidden City was beautiful even from the airplane!

I was so floored by the The Great Wall that I was unable to center my camera.  I was too awestruck!

Soon after landing however, I did realize that the “easy ” trip was too good to be true.  I met with my liaison in China and discovered that the photos needed were from tombs…meaning they were hidden in the tombs.

I stocked up on supplies and then I headed to Dragon’s Cave.  I wasn’t going to back down now.  I’d spent all of my family’s money to come here and make them proud.

After a long hike up the mountain, I found the hidden door leading deep into the earth.  If only I knew what I was getting myself into before I went in there!

Getting the photos was some of the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life!  I had to push and pull statues!

After moving the statues I had to disarm electricity traps.

I had to search out hidden doors.

I fought off bugs and terrible creepy crawlies.  It was awful.

I sat on the edge of a dive well and sobbed.


I spent all of our money…for this…torture?!

Finally I came to the door with the panel I was looking to find.  The keystone I was given fit.  I had made it.

I got the photo they wanted.  That was it.  The fire traps, the statues, and the end of the tomb.  It was worth it.

After spending two and a half days in the tombs I was able to spend my last few hours in China shopping for souvenirs for my family.

It was wonderful getting home.  That is the last crazy photo excursion I take.