Eternally Yours · Generation 2


I’m back…for now at least.

I’m pleased to say I’ve gotten things sorted out in my life.  I’ll fill you in a bit.

I’ve always said that The Sims was just a game.  Well, I forgot that.  I started getting too involved in all aspects of the game: the forums, the chat rooms, the game itself.  I was unable to walk away and it was affecting everything in my life.  I needed a break from everything to rethink my priorities.

I am ready to come back now.  I have a fresh perspective.  I am still not going to be as active on the site and I am staying away from the forums and chat rooms.  However, I need to write.  It’s in my being down to my very core.  It’s who I am.

So I am going to revive the legacy.  The story has been floating around in my head again.  I have things written all the way through Generation 3.  I plan to write this as time permits. Classes are starting up again and my time will be limited.  But I have to write.

Please enjoy it as your time allows as well.

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