Eternally Yours · Generation 2

Chapter 2.12

Things were really going well for us all of a sudden!

Garrett was getting some fantastic interviews.  Granted, it was just my mom but the article about her was a hit!

Believe it or not, people were buying my photos!  I did a series on mystical architecture that sold for $5,000!

With all the money we were bring in we decided to renovate the house a bit.  I got an updated office.

We painted and bought new furniture for the bedroom.

Finally, we updated the ugly walls in Garrett’s study.  We also put new siding on the house.

I decided to get a makeover with some of my earnings.  I had recently gotten a haircut and I wanted some clothes to match.  I left the twins with Garrett’s mom and off I went.

At least all those nights at the gym kept the baby pounds at off.

Yeah…I was still a hot woman in a mom’s body!  I just needed some clothes to match.

Garrett was already home when I returned.

“Oh…you look…nice.”

“Just nice?”

“Well, you look so pretty it makes thinking difficult.”

“Hmm…well, I’m going to go check on the girls and then maybe you can see the “other” new clothes that I bought.”

“How did I get so lucky?  More importantly, how did I convince you to marry me?”

“I’ll meet you upstairs.”

For as sweet as little Olivia is, she seems to enjoy biting the head of her toy dolls and waving them around in her mouth like some sort of deranged dog.

Penny was busy practicing her magic.  She doesn’t have great control over it yet so each time her robot disappears she always looks surprised.

She is always equally thrilled when the robot returns.

“The girls are fine.”

“You are FINE!”

“You’re an idiot.  Just kiss me.”

You know, I could get used to the idea of another baby before too long.

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