Eternally Yours · Generation 2

Chapter 2.11

Toddlers were so much easier than babies!  It didn’t take long for us to get into a routine.

Garrett and I woke up before the girls.

We got ready for the day.  He was back at work again now.

He’s super hard on himself.  I always love his work but he is always editing!  Even before he leaves for work he’s working on his articles.

I get the girls ready for the day.  Waking up is difficult!

Liv is super sweet but she loves her sleep.  And with such a loud sister Liv is up late.

Thank goodness they have the potty training down!

After pottying, baths, and dressing they get a little bit of playtime in their playpen.

I start their breakfast and see Garrett off to work.

Then it is Penny’s favorite time of the day: breakfast!

After breakfast there is more play time.  We may have made the mistake of buying too many toys.

I work on contacting potential photography clients while they play.  Then…Daddy comes home!

He helps with the cleaning while I make dinner.  Seriously, how is it possible that two incredibly sweet, adorable girls can be so messy!?

Since it is so nice out this summer we usually spend the evening outside.  Sometimes Daddy even puts on a fireworks show!

After some playtime we come back in to potty and change into pajamas.

Each girl gets to pick out a story to read with Daddy.  Liv likes stories about princesses and castles.

Penny likes to read about witches and dragons.  She puts on a brave face but I can tell she gets a little scared.

Then it’s time for bed!  Penny is always a little reluctant to go down after her story.

I don’t know what I am going to do when they don’t need me as much.  Childhood is fast approaching!

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