Eternally Yours · Generation 2

Chapter 2.10

Garrett and I were up late last night.  Not doing anything fun, though.

Weird things happen during the full moon and last night every single appliance in our home broke.  Being that we only have $50 in the bank after the girls’ birthdays and bills, we had to fix it all by hand.  I really needed to find a way to make some money.

First it was time to get the girls going.

Liv is always waiting patiently no matter what she needs from me.

Penny takes a more direct approach to letting Mommy know when she is running behind.

Well, at least the girls were ready even if I was running behind.  We hadn’t quite gotten the routine down so today I felt accomplished because I got to eat breakfast.

We had no time to waste though because today we were going to the Summer Festival!  Garrett had taken the day off work so we could spend time with the girls as a family

We plunked the girls down in their walkers with a front row seat to the festivities.  Penny was thrilled and Liv’s eyes were huge with surprise.  I seriously have about 25 photos on my camera with this same image!

Then Garrett and I participated in the Hotdog eating contest.  I am a champ and I even beat my dad as a kid.

Obviously, I could tell why Penny was always screaming for breakfast!

I shoved the last hotdog in my mouth and the twins cheered that I beat Daddy in the eating contest.  Commence more photos of silly toddler antics.

After we got a family photo taken in the photobooth I had an epiphany.  I called city hall and was hired as a photographer.  I could make money for the family and be able to stay home with the twins.  It was perfect.

Garrett challenged me to a water balloon fight in celebration.  He won that contest!

Once it was dark enough Garrett was in charge of the big fireworks extravaganza.

It was quite a show!  Everyone was very impressed.

I cashed in my festival tickets for some sparklers.  I haven’t had this much fun since I was a kid!  I don’t know why my mom was always complaining about motherhood!  I think I have more fun now that I have children than I ever did on my own!

After a busy day we came home for story time and sleep.  I was just a wiped out as they were!  I nearly passed out on their bedroom floor.  Luckily I have a wonderful husband to carry me into our bed.

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