Eternally Yours



It’s time for another reader appreciation lottery! I had so much fun the first time around that I just had to do it again!

First off, wow! You guys really worked at getting 1000 views! Whether you read the story or just merely clicked over to see what all the fuss was about, you guys ended up bombarding my blog with so many views last night that it was my best readership night so far.

I cannot thank you all enough for all the support you’ve shown the blog lately! Things have been hairy for me and it’s been stressful trying to keep myself together. Writing this story really brightens my day and knowing that so many others enjoy reading it makes the whole experience even better!

Now it’s my turn to thank you guys!

It’s always fun to win something and it makes me happy when you guys are happy. So let’s get this lottery going! Happiness and Squee for everyone!

Lottery Rules:

  1. 1. If you have not checked it out, visit my legacy Eternally Yours.
  2. If you follow the legacy, you may nominate yourself and two other people (a total of 3).
  3. If you have heard of the legacy, you may nominate yourself and one other person (a total of 2).
  4. If you are going to read the legacy you may nominate yourself OR one other person (a total of 1).
  5. Each person can only be nominated once. Please check the nominations post!
  6. I’m trusting your honesty.
  7. Please only nominate people with wishlists and include a link to their list in your nomination.
  8. Three winners will be chosen by
  9. Lottery closes at 7pm Central Standard Time on Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lottery Prize Points: 1750SP
1st Prize: 1000sp
2nd Prize: 500sp
3rd Prize: 250sp

There is also a contest! I really enjoy nice round numbers. I also really enjoy bloopers. Therefore, I have also decided that I will randomly gift 250 points to the best blooper upload. Here are the rules for the contest.

Contest Rules:

  1. Go in-game and take the most ridiculous screenshot you can of your sims doing something terribly silly.
  2. Post the image here with a link to your wishlist (or the wishlist of someone you want to nominate)
  3. One winner will be chosen by
  4. Lottery and contest winners will be rolled separately.
  5. You may win both the lottery and the contest
  6. Contest closes at 7pm Central Standard Time on Sunday, May 5, 2013

Contest Prize Points: 250SP

The Important Goodies:
The lottery and contest will close at 7pm CST on Sunday, May 5, 2013.

Winners will be informed of their status no later that one hour after the winning draw. All winners MUST disclose what items they want from their wishlist within ONE WEEK of announcement. If any of the winners fail to claim their prizes by MAY 12, 2013 SweetPoyzin will choose items from the wishlist for the winner.

I will do my best to keep the nominations list current. I may only get around to updating it once or twice a day. Bear with me and don’t panic! I won’t forget anyone!


4 thoughts on “Lottery!

  1. I will get started right away! 😀 You’re SO kind for doing this! ❤ I love writing too, just don't have enough money to do this. Good luck to everyone!

  2. I’m so busy right now, I don’t have the time to go hunt down wishlists, but I just wanna say I’m so proud of you for reaching this milestone. You deserve it, since you put so much time into this, and it surely shows! Here’s to 1000 more pumpkin! ❤

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