Eternally Yours · Generation 2

Chapter 2.6

We had to move.  Oliver had gotten back from Art school, mom had just given birth to Colleen and Garrett and I had Penny and Liv to deal with.  There was just not enough space in that 4 bedroom house.  We were going to kill each other.

Luckily, mom and dad had money to spare and bought this little two bedroom house near the city for us.  It’s not beautiful but we were able to make it our own for the most part.  We can’t really afford to make it pretty right now.  We only have $400 in the bank and the bills are coming due.

We were able to decorate with some family photos we had.  Seriously though, we can’t even afford to paint the house.  We did up the girls’ room really nicely but otherwise we have to live with the ugly.

Mom and Dad got us the wine rack and 5 bottles of wine as a house warming gift.  They said we will need it.  I have no idea what she means.  The girls are only 3 days old and we just moved in.  Things are pretty good right now.

Mom also gave me this amazing photo she took.  I remember it hanging in our house growing up and I loved it so much.  Now it hangs in my house in my dining room.  It’s amazing to think I am all grown up now.

I can’t believe how lucky we are.  Although…Garrett goes back to work tomorrow and I am really scared of dealing with the babies on my own.  Well, how hard can it be anyway?  They are babies!

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