Eternally Yours


I sure love a good blooper reel.  I also love the word blooper.  Here’s some recent mishaps from my legacy.

I seriously have NO IDEA why Mollie is making this face.  NO IDEA.

They both ran over to watch Mollie working with the Gem Cutter and…well…they melded.

Not my sim but this was kinda a funny scene.  She could not get to her job in the hospital because…the hospital is in the way?  She ended up just walking home.

This is what happened when Mollie went into labor.  Men are completely useless during sim births.  Holy cow.

Both Mollie and Liddy made this face when the pregnancy announcement occurred in game.  What the heck?!

Obviously very happy to learn she is pregnant?

This was the face Lydia made when Mollie told her she was pregnant.  She is super happy about her daughter’s pregnancy.

Just a normal day in Moonlight Falls…UFOs and all.

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