Chapter 2.3

I didn’t realize that my dad had an awkward conversation with Garrett the night before our wedding.  That explained why the poor man went so batshit crazy when I told him I was pregnant.  I listened in on the conversation Garrett had with my dad.

“Oh my God, Mr. Lox, I am so sorry!”

“Uh…what did you do, Garrett?”

“I got Mollie pregnant.  Oh I’m sorry!”

“That’s great news, son!”


“Of course it is…why wouldn’t it be?”

“Oh man.  I thought you were gonna hit me.”

“Son, have you lost your marbles!?”

“No, you just said somethings at the bachelor party and I thought–”

“I said a lot of crazy things that night.  Just ask Liddy.  I mean, that’s why she’s pregnant too.”

“Erm…beg pardon, sir?”

“Yes, yes.  My wife is pregnant too.”

And then my father and my husband sat there in awkward silence before Garrett made some weird excuse that he had to go upgrade the toilet.

All in all I guess that wasn’t too bad of a birth announcement?