Chapter 2.1

I woke up the morning after the wedding at my parents’ house.  I had to check myself out in the mirror.  I couldn’t possibly be someone’s wife.  I wasn’t old enough for that.  Except…I was.

I kept thinking last night at the wedding that it was all too dreamlike.  My parents had paid for an amazing ceremony with so much food and family and friend and love.  I felt a little bad that Garrett and I didn’t celebrate much with everyone.  But it was out day and we could enjoy it as we chose.

Yep, I was definitely married.  Not only was I someone’s wife, but I was also working in the military, and I had a nagging feeling I was knocked up.

Call me crazy but I am pretty sure I am pregnant.


“Mom…you know how you always wanted to be a grandma…”


“I think I’m pregnant.”

Mom was quiet for a while after I told her that.  I thought she was going to freak out or something.  Obviously it was a little soon after the wedding for this to be…legit…if you know what I mean.

“Your dad is going to kill your husband.”

“Yeah, Garrett doesn’t know yet.  Let’s keep it that way.”

“By the way, honey, I’m pregnant, too.


“You are pregnant.  Mom…wow.  What the heck?!”

She really looked happy about it though.  Which is super weird because raising kids really wore her out.  She’s no spring chicken anymore.

“Well, sweetie, you know your dad and I are still very much in love and one thing led to another and–”

“MOM!  Gross.  You can stop.  I know where babies come from.  Obviously.  Gross though.  I mean.  Whoa.”

“Oh honey it’s not any more gross than when you do it.”

“Oh mom please shut up…I am nauseous enough as it is.  In fact, I have to go puke now.”

After another adventure bonding with the toilet I sat in the living room to think.  I could not believe that my mom and I were going to be pregnant at the same time.  It was ridiculous!  I did know one thing, Garrett and I were going to need to find our own home.  SOON!

Oh my God.  I’m going to be a mom.  And my mom is going to be a mom again.  All in the same year.  Ugh.  Too creepy.