Eternally Yours · Generation 1

Chapter 1.37

Mollie didn’t come home at all after her junior year of college.  It was odd but we had to let her live her own life.  Her emails kept coming during her senior year.

Dear Mom and Daddy,

Garrett and I are living off campus for our senior year.  Look at this awesome house!  It will be great for…study parties.

I am working hard toward that degree!  You wouldn’t believe the stuff they let me do now that I’m a senior!

They seriously let me do genetic research!  Like really!

And then they let me give presentations!  How awesome is that!

Here is a copy of one of my presentations.  It is more serious that it looks.  It’s about the dangers of getting drunk at study parties and how you distract other people from the purpose of the party.

I’m kinda concerned that Garrett keeps thinking so much about babies.  I want some free time after we get married!  Not babies right away!

Anyway, we are finally graduates!  I got a perfect GPA and so did Garrett!  We will be home soon.  We have some celebrating to do with our friends before this time it up!

Don’t worry though!  We are partying safely and legally.  See you soon!

Love Always,


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