Eternally Yours


The lottery is officially closed!

And the winners are….

First Place (500sp): ErinAwesome101
Second Place (250sp): TearsDropFast
Third Place(250sp): Dayshatw
Hooray and congrats to the winners!  In the event that they do not claim their prize I will re-roll for a new winner in that slot.
Thank you to everyone who participated.  I had such a great time hosting and I hope you had fun playing!  I am thinking about hosting a new lottery every month!  I hope to see you all there next time around!
Also, I am thinking that once we come up on Chapter 40 of the legacy things will shift to the next generation.  I am still toying with this idea.  Either way, I have posts ready all week.  Get ready for some big changes to the Lox family legacy.  Things are about to get crazy up in here!
Have a wonderful week my friends and I will see you next weekend!

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