Eternally Yours


Hey everyone!

Guess what!  Now there’s a Table of Contents for Eternally Yours!  It’s great for easier navigation of the story (because that silly little archive section get bogged down by my random updates).  Each link *should* open in a new window or tab for even easier browsing!  Yes, it is awesome and I am rather proud of it.

I also wanted to give you a head’s up and let everyone know that my lottery is STILL GOING ON!  Unforeseen circumstances (i.e. I forgot about a paper deadline on Monday) necessitated the need to move the deadline to tomorrow Sunday, April 14th at 7pm CST!

Get in on the action while you still have time!
Take me to SweetPoyzin’s Awesome Reader Lottery!

On a sadder note, my grandmother passed away on Thursday.  While I will always miss her I am greatly relieved that her suffering and pain is finally over.  I know she is in heaven wearing her beloved stilettos (she wore them until she was 85) and dancing the night away.

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