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Guess what!  Now there’s a Table of Contents for Eternally Yours!  It’s great for easier navigation of the story (because that silly little archive section get bogged down by my random updates).  Each link *should* open in a new window or tab for even easier browsing!  Yes, it is awesome and I am rather proud of it.

I also wanted to give you a head’s up and let everyone know that my lottery is STILL GOING ON!  Unforeseen circumstances (i.e. I forgot about a paper deadline on Monday) necessitated the need to move the deadline to tomorrow Sunday, April 14th at 7pm CST!

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On a sadder note, my grandmother passed away on Thursday.  While I will always miss her I am greatly relieved that her suffering and pain is finally over.  I know she is in heaven wearing her beloved stilettos (she wore them until she was 85) and dancing the night away.

Chapter 1.34

I was cleaning the house one morning when Victor called me up to the office.

“Hey, Liddy!  Our daughter sent us an email from University!”

Dear Mom and Daddy,

I am having the most fantastic time here at school!  

The very first day they gave us all this free stuff!  Like food and soda and everything.  It was seriously awesome.

Garrett and I are working really hard on schoolwork and stuff.  I promise I am not wasting my education!

Garrett is having a much harder time adjusting.  I told him not to take 18 credit hours but he wants to get done quickly so we can get married.

OH!  Guess what!  I staged a protest because I thought the professors were super unfair and I won!  Everyone got better grades for like 2 days!  It was awesome.

I’m learning some great new things here at school.  I’m a really talented artist!  Did you know that?  Me either!  Seriously, though…everything’s fine.  If you hear any weird stories from anyone…you know how kids in school make things up.  I’m not getting into any trouble.

Yup.  I’m doing really well!

I keep getting invited to parties and I’m making some great new friends too!

Lots of friends…!

Anyway, I love you guys and I will see you at the end of the term!  Can you believe I’m almost done with my first year of college?!  I know, crazy huh!  

Well, I’ve got to go.  I have friends coming over for a party…er…a study party, of course.


Love Always, Mollie

Well…I suppose it could be worse.