Eternally Yours


Alright, guys…IT’S HERE!

I really wanted to thank you guys for reading Eternally Yours.  I know it’s been a tough couple of months.  Things got a little crazy up in here and the story was not as good as it could have been.


I really appreciate that.  You guys are amazing and you helped get me through the crazy days.  Now it’s my turn to thank you guys and hopefully brighten your day!

There are 1000sp up for grabs in SweetPoyzin’s Eternally Yours Reader Appreciation Lottery!  Visit the post on The Officials and add your nominations there!

Since you are loyal readers and followers of the blog, you get to nominate yourself and 2 other people (for a total of three names)!

The lottery closes at 7pm CST on Saturday, April 13, 2013.

Regular posts will resume tomorrow.  Just wait until you see what kind of trouble Mollie is getting herself into at University!

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