Eternally Yours · Generation 1

Chapter 1.33

Mollie leaves for university tomorrow.

I taught Mollie how to drive in this car and now we are preparing for her departure.  We spent the day together buying her things for University, going to the spa, talking about wedding plans.

I will always treasure this time with my baby.  It’s the last time she will be a “child.”  When she comes back from University she will be even more adult that she already is.

That night we had a family dinner together.  I whipped up some Stir-fry, Mollie’s favorite.

We had a great time laughing a joking.  Ollie is trying not to cry but he is really going to miss his big sister.

Victor poured some nectar and we celebrated with a toast.

“So I’m probably not going to buy any textbooks.”

“You will fail your classes!”

“I’m not letting you waste scholarship money by failing!”

“If you are saving money for the wedding we are paying for that.  Buy your stupid books.”

Not our best family conversation but tensions were high that night.

We all went to bed.  Mollie couldn’t sleep because she was excited.

Victor and I couldn’t sleep because we were worried.  Did we raise her right?  Would she be ok on her own?  Will be be ok without her?

The next morning we piled her and her stuff into a moving van and said our goodbyes.  Mollie promised to email and we promised not to call all the time.  Then she was gone.

“Bye-Bye, baby girl.”

Who am I kidding.  She will always be my baby.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 1.33

  1. I love these. I’ve been pretty busy, kind of (also distracted XD) Read ALL the chapters tonight! Great job!

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