Eternally Yours · Generation 1

Chapter 1.31

My baby girl made out like a bandit at her high school graduation!

She was Valedictorian and voted “Most Likely to Achieve Her Dreams”

She was also Prom Queen, and was award trophies for her achievements in Athletic Club and Drama Club.

Speaking of prom, she went with Garrett (of course).

And now she’s all grown up!  She’s turned into quite the lovely young adult.  Of course, being her mother I am biased.

Things were getting a little more hectic around out house these days.  Mollie was getting ready to leave for college.  Even though she was accepted on scholarship and could go whenever she wanted, she decided to wait until Spring.  She “claims” she didn’t want to leave with Victor’s birthday and Snowflake Day just around the corner.

Garrett has also become a permanent fixture at our house.  Mollie is slightly better at keeping their business a secret (as if her dad and I didn’t know what they were up to anyway).  Poor Victor.  He’s quite distraught at his daughter’s new adult antics.

“You know, your Dad’s birthday is in a few days.  It’s a big one.  He’s going to be 50.  We should do something really special.  I was thinking something at the park?”

“Think bigger, Mom!  It’s also your anniversary.  What is the most important location of your lives?”

“The hospital?”

“Mom.  Would you wanna have a party there?”


“Good job, Mom.  I’ll make some calls.  Leave everything to me.”

She’s really grown up these past few years.  I can’t believe she’ll be leaving for college next week!

Mollie arranged everything.  The only thing I had to do was keep it a secret from Victor.  Easy enough.

“Liddy…you can’t just kidnap me.  Where are we going?”

“I can kidnap you.  You are my husband.  Just sit there and be quiet!”

“Daddy you just got schooled by Mommy!”

“Oliver…shush.  She is allowed to do that because we are married and Daddy wants to stay happy.”

“I don’t understand, Daddy.”

“You will, son.  When you find a pretty lady it will matter and you will understand.”

“Holy cow!  Liddy!  How did you plan this?”

“Ask your daughter.  This was her doing.”

“Oh my goodness.  Mollie…wow!”

She had done a wonderful job.  She had the event catered  and the food was delish!  There was stuffed turkey, salad, and cookies.

Oliver was super excited that we allowed him to choose what he wanted to eat.  He went straight for the cookies.

Mollie opened a tab and ordered everyone drinks.  It was at that moment when I realized that Mollie was ordering drinks and it was legal that I realized just how old we were getting.

She also rented a photo booth for the event.  Victor and I had other ideas while we were in the photo booth.  I’m sure that Mollie would not approve.

Then it was time for Victor to age up.  We’ve been in this very spot so many times.  Hard to believe it.

Then there was a sparkle and Victor was 50.  I’m still only 32.  Mollie is now 19 and Oliver is 9.  I’m going to lose them all.

We ate cake and I tried to cheer up.

“Oliver…where’s your dad?  We were going to take a family photo?”

“Dad left 45 minutes ago.  He said he needed to get home right away.”

“Oh lord…Get in the car Ollie.”

“Why, Mommy?  The party isn’t over yet!”

“Your dad is having a midlife crisis.  We have to save him.”

“YAY!  Like Superheroes!”


“I wish for happiness.  It’s no easy task knowing I’m going to be leaving my wife and kids behind before too long.”


“Victor?  Are you home?”

“Daddy!  We are here to save you!  I am Superman and Mommy is Wonder Woman!”



“I’m fine, Liddy.  How are you?”


“Do you have any interest in heading upstairs with an old man?”

“Ollie?  Go to bed.”

“But Mommy…”

“You heard your mother, Oliver.”

“Humph.  Stupid parents.  I didn’t even get to save anyone.”

5 thoughts on “Chapter 1.31

  1. “Humph. Stupid parents. I didn’t even get to save anyone.” Poor Oliver, he must feel a little abandoned… His sister is leaving for college next week, who will play with him now? 🙂

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