Eternally Yours


Hello loyal followers!  I hope your weekend is treating you well!

I have good news and bad news.

The good news: Chapter 30 will go live TODAY and the story will be completely up-to-date!  I know, I can’t believe it either.

The bad news: Since it will be completely updated, posts will now be fewer and farther between.  I know, it makes me sad, too.

Also, I realized when I went to write more of the story of Mollie and Oliver’s teen years I had no photos.  And they were aged up already.  My bad again.

So, when I return with Chapter 31 we are just gonna start with Mollie as a YA at University and Oliver as a teen.  Cuz I effed up.  Sorry about that.  Still Gen 1 with Lydia and Victor and all that jazz.  I’m just got gonna mess with backups and replays and what not.  Fresh start.

Things got a little crazy in March.  I’ll try to stay on top of my schtuff now.  We’re cool.  It’s all good.

So here is the new game plan.  I only have time to play on weekends because those silly things called RENT and HUNGER oh and COLLEGE get in the way.  I’m not happy about it any more than you guys are but it’s true.  I am thinking that I will do posts on Saturday and Sundays for sure with more during the week if it is a particularly hardcore gaming weekend.

I also know right now that this will also change.  On Monday I am starting a new job that will take up almost my entire weekend.  I’m moving up to head technician at a much larger animal hospital.  I am very excited about this as it means more client interaction but also more control over the care of animals at the clinic.  It also means that I will spend my entire weekend working 9am-9pm both Saturday and Sunday as well as some hours during the week.  I know.  It’s awesomely terrible.  I am super excited though.

That’s where things are now.  So look for Chapter 30 at noon and then there will be several more posts today.  Let’s all get excited…

Sorry…that was the wrong kind of excited.

However, that reminds me.  The Suttons are returning!  They are totally going to become an important part of Eternally Yours!  So get excited about that, too.

That’s more appropriate excitement.

Well, folks.  I’m out.  I will see you all again on Wednesday for the giveaway!

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