Eternally Yours · Generation 1

Chapter 1.29

Before we knew it, Mollie and Oliver were aging up again.  We did a more low-key party.  Everyone still got gifts.  But it was a quiet celebration with only our closest friends and family.

Mollie went first.  I had to admit I wasn’t ready for a teen.

But with some magic and some twirling…

It was time for me to be ready!

We all ate cake after everyone left.  My family was getting all grown up.  Mollie was thinking about COLLEGE!

“MOLLIE!  Come in the spare room!”

“Oh, wow, Mom!  This is amazing!”

We had made a teen sanctuary for her.  Mostly it was so we didn’t have to redo her entire room.  Also, we are gonna use it too!

“Mom!  Wouldn’t it be silly if I…learned to drive?!”

Yes…that would be very silly.  And sad for mom.

Well…my kid drives now.

All those ponies and kittens are now replaced with boy bands, idols, and shoes.  Her school books litter the floor.  What am I going to do with her?

As I stood in my son’s “practical and modern” room…his words not mine…I thought to myself:  Where has the time gone and when did my children grow up without my permission?

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