Eternally Yours · Generation 1

Chapter 1.28

Mollie was such a wonderful big sister.  Oliver’s eyes light up when she enters a room.  She’s taken to reading to her baby brother as much as possible.  He adores her.

Since Mollie was doing well in school and was on honor roll, we let her have some friends over for a sleepover.  She called her three besties.

Even with her friends over, Mollie still helped her little brother with his dinner.  He loved it.  He felt like he was a part of the group.

Kia’s son Garrett and Mollie had become best friends.  He came over early to have calzones with us and help Mollie set up the party room.

I think it is cute how close they are.  Vic is terrified by Garrett.  Which is also cute.

We cleared out the couches from spare room and set up our old tv.  We bought Mollie some chairs so that everyone could play video games.  All of a sudden we were super cool.

She even let Oliver hangout and watch.

They chose to sleep outside.  Who knows why since it was cold but, kids will be kids.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  I hope they come back soon.

“Did you ever think this would be our life, Liddy?”

“No.  Not in a million years.”

But it is perfect.

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