Eternally Yours · Generation 1

Chapter 1.27

The next morning was Leisure Day.  Victor and I started the cleaning while Mollie and Oliver slept off their sugar highs.

Too cute!

Victor, of course, had to head into the office so Mollie, Oliver, and I ate lunch alone that day.

Oliver took to his walker like a fish to water.  It was hilarious to watch him squeal with delight and toddle around the house in his new toy.

Mollie is such an adventurer.  She loves to play “Catch the Bandit” on any rocking horse she can find.  She also loves to dance.  She’s a fun kid.

Once Vic got home we sat in Oliver’s room for awhile and had some quiet time.  Well, except for Mollie, who was catching more bad guys.

That evening, Vic wanted to write and I wanted to play with a few more potions.  Oliver talked to himself and Mollie worked on her painting skills.  She is going to be something once day.  She says she wants to be an astronaut.  I bet she will do it too.

That night Mollie wanted me to read her a story.  I asked her if she would rather Daddy do it since he is better at the voices.

“NO!  You, mom.  I want you!”

Well, how could I say no to that?

Mollie fell asleep mid-tale.  I kissed my little princess good night.

I wonder what she dreams about these days?

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