Eternally Yours · Generation 1

Chapter 1.26

Finally that time of year arrived.  The kids’ birthdays!  We decided to really go all out this year.

Mollie and Oliver each had their own table of gifts.  We got each child many small gifts and then one big gift.  Mollie got a lemonade stand and a toy oven.

Being a toddler, Oliver just got a walker and some smaller toys.  I know he will still love them.  He is such a sweet child.

So, we invited some people.  Dog boy just showed up.  He was entertaining but thank goodness he left before too long!  We decided to eat dinner first and then enjoy the cake and presents.

After helping little Oliver blow out the candles, I took him inside.

With a twinkle and some magic my baby boy, my last baby…

Became the most handsome little toddler I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Then it was my little Mollie’s turn.

That sweet, sugar and spice and everything nice toddler became…

A brilliant and beautiful child.

“Thanks, Momma, for the party!  Are all these presents for me!?”

“Of course, sweetie.  Wait until you see your room!”

“Really!?  Oh thanks, Mom!”

And she was off.

She checked under the bed before doing anything crazy like sleeping in it.

She’s growing up so fast.  She and Oliver both.

Eh, the mess can wait until tomorrow.  I am going to relish in this wonderful night with my children.

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