Eternally Yours


Happy Easter!  To those who don’t celebrate the holiday: Happy Sunday!

I am finally functional!  I am preparing to return to class tomorrow.  I am a wee bit nervous about this but I will be ok!  As for today I am taking it easy.

Those of you loyal followers who have commented on posts in my absence may have noticed that I am now responding to those comments!  Thank you for your kind words while I was gone and I am *hoping* to be more active now.  Of course, that is with the hope that nothing will blow up in my face and send me to the emergency room again in the coming week.

You guys will notice that the posts this week are not up to par.  I was rushing the aging process so that I could play University.  So yeah, some things are left out, poor little Oliver gets forgotten a bit, and most of poor Mollie’s future is a blur.  Bear with me while I try to get back into the swing of things.  I promise it will be better in the coming weeks.

Anyway, I am going to rest up a bit before classes tomorrow.  As of late the most excitement I’ve had is a quick trip to the grocery store.  After that one I needed a 2 hour long nap!  It’s always an adventure!

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