Eternally Yours

I’m Back…Sorta

So I am back from my hiatus…sorta.

I returned from vacationing with my family Sunday night but Monday morning I was rushed to the emergency room.  Turns out I had a kidney stone that was completely blocking the tube from the kidney to the bladder.  I had caused an infection and they took me to emergency surgery Monday night.  I was released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon and have been laid up in bed since then.

Today is the first day I’ve really felt myself.  I have been able to eat solid foods and spend more time vertical than horizontal.  Of course now I have a week’s worth of classes to catch up on which kinda pushes back the legacy.  So there will probably be a week without posts coming up soon.  Bear with me while I sort myself out here.

Otherwise I am really looking forward to getting into the legacy again.  I am not gonna lie, there is kinda a gap because I continued playing but forgot to snap any pictures.  So I’ll work something out with that.

I hope you all are enjoying the story so far!  There are still quite a few surprises in store!

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