Chapter 1.22

As we got closer to my due date I started “nesting”.  I cooked copious amounts of food so we wouldn’t have to worry about that.

After we had finished decorating the new baby’s room I kissed Victor.  I was so excited about where I our story was right now.  He we were…grown up with a house and two kids.  Our jobs were good.  Things were not all that bad, in fact, they were down right perfect!

Well, contractions always suck but at least that means there is something good on the way!

Round four at this place.  I have such a love-hate relationship with this hospital.

This time was a good visit.  Kia was right, we had a son.

Oliver Basil Lox came into our life just after arriving at the hospital.

Since we had a son we decided we needed to redecorate the playroom.  Make it color-friendly for both our children.

We are complete.

I’m Back…Sorta

So I am back from my hiatus…sorta.

I returned from vacationing with my family Sunday night but Monday morning I was rushed to the emergency room.  Turns out I had a kidney stone that was completely blocking the tube from the kidney to the bladder.  I had caused an infection and they took me to emergency surgery Monday night.  I was released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon and have been laid up in bed since then.

Today is the first day I’ve really felt myself.  I have been able to eat solid foods and spend more time vertical than horizontal.  Of course now I have a week’s worth of classes to catch up on which kinda pushes back the legacy.  So there will probably be a week without posts coming up soon.  Bear with me while I sort myself out here.

Otherwise I am really looking forward to getting into the legacy again.  I am not gonna lie, there is kinda a gap because I continued playing but forgot to snap any pictures.  So I’ll work something out with that.

I hope you all are enjoying the story so far!  There are still quite a few surprises in store!