Eternally Yours · Generation 1

Chapter 1.17

Ok…Babies are hard.

I decided that since I am now a mother I needed to look like one.  So I got a makeover and bought more “mom” clothing.

We also bought a bigger house.

Oh…and a minivan.  Yeah, I am that cool now.

Tonight we are throwing a Gift Giving party as a house warming party.  Snowflake Day is coming up and we wanted all our friends to meet our new little one.

I even got to try out my new cooking skills!

We have a great spare room that we can now use for company!  The party went really well.  Although we did get two chess sets.  Well, it was a nice thought anyway.

Mollie was wonderful throughout the whole party.  Everyone just thought she was a doll!

They were so busy passing her around and holding her, that I totally fell asleep in the family room and missed the end of the party!

When I woke up, Victor was still cleaning and Mollie was asleep in the crib in our bedroom.

“VICTOR!  I’m sorry I fell asleep!  Here!  I got you this gift.”

I had bought him a camcorder for all the memories of our new daughter.

“What if we thought about having another baby sooner rather than later?”

“Dude, did you miss the fact that I fell asleep during our house warming party?”

“Yeah, but I want to quit my job and become a writer.  Then I can stay home with you and the kids.  I can help out more.”

Mollie woke up then and I went into the playroom to snuggle her in the rocker.  I told him I would think about it.  Victor tried out his camcorder for the first time and got a video of us together in the rocker.

We all went up to bed after that.

We had only gotten about an hour of sleep before we were awakened by Mollie.

“Hun, can you take her in the other room?  I have work in the morning.”

Another baby my ass.  Not for a long, long time.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 1.17

    1. Victor was always the first one to pop up the “Have a baby” wish. Meanwhile Liddy is passing out on the couch 24/7. Yeah…she’ll get right on that second baby thing.

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