Eternally Yours · Generation 1

Chapter 1.15

Pregnancy is tough…I assume.

Victor pretty much refused to let me do anything!  I was banished to the rocker, the office, the couch.  Really anywhere that wasn’t on my feet doing any work.

Victor was really wonderful though.  He went shopping and got me books.

I learned about 15 new recipes throughout the pregnancy.  We will eat like kings!  When and if we ever have time after the baby gets here.

Vic wrote all the thank you notes for wedding gifts…

Did the laundry…

He even worked in my garden…which he was not so good at…

“Hey, let me make us dinner tonight.  You know we won’t get another quiet dinner together for awhile after the baby gets here.”

“Oh, why the hell not?”

So I made us firecracker shrimp.  A whole week’s worth because who knew when I would get to cook next.

It was nearly time for us to meet our little one.

What have we gotten ourselves into?

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