Eternally Yours


So remember how I said that I was going to post more than once a day?  Yeah, that was a pipe dream.

It’s midterm week.  I have two midterm exams on Wednesday and two midterm papers on Thursday.  Also, I am having some relationship issues with friends but that is neither here nor there.

Bottom line: I need a break.  I need to get my shit together.

Next week I am traveling 10 hours away to visit family and good friends for a much needed vacation.

I have been studying late into the night during the week followed by hardcore simming on the weekends.

So there are posts queued up for 12pm CST Monday-Friday until April 10th.  Enjoy those while they appear.  Once the queue is cleared I will return with new material about the Lox family.  Hell, I might even queue up some updates.

Either way, enjoy.  See you in a month.

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