Eternally Yours · Generation 1

Chapter 1.9

The police did a formal investigation.  I listened to what they said but it didn’t stick.

I read the story in the newspaper as the pieces came together.  Victor had purchased a Transmutation Machine.  I didn’t even realize they were real machines.  I’d only heard about them in passing at the alchemy shop.  Even the most skilled alchemists don’t mess with those.  They are quite dangerous.  If you mess up the incantation, it’s very complex and easy to fumble, you…end up like Vic.

I wandered around Moonlight Falls in such a fog for the next several weeks.  I visited the beach a lot.  Victor loved the beach and there was a great fairy house there.  I was never alone with those sweet fairies by my side.

But I kept having these horrible flashbacks to Vic’s death.  Me…standing there…staring while the Grim Reaper took my husband from me.  I should have tried to stop it.  If only I hadn’t been so caught up in dreaming.  I should have asked what he bought.  I should have done so much more.

I was washing dishes one night when the sink broke.  I totally lost it.  I screamed at the sink and then broke down crying.


I phoned the bank and got the biggest loan they would give me.  ThenI got on the phone and called our real estate agent.

“Karen…?  It’s Lydia Lox.  Put the offer in on the house.”

I was approved the next day.  I packed up what was left of my life with Victor and I got the hell out of that house.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 1.9

  1. Wait a second. So Victor isn’t a ghost? He’s a block of gold!? Well then… I guess… Liddy won’t be able to resurrect him after all 😦 This is so sad, they were such a lovely couple.

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