Eternally Yours · Generation 1

Chapter 1.8

That was our house.  It was too perfect to let it go.  We both got to work on doing whatever we could to get the money.  Well, whatever we could within reason, that is.

I spent hours around town picking wildflowers.  It made us a couple thousand simoleans but that was all.  It just wasn’t worth the effort or the allergies.  Although maybe if I didn’t smell them all it wouldn’t be so bad.

Victor was spending a lot of time online.  He was selling some of our old stuff and working on a volume of poetry.  He sent it off to his agent but nothing came of it.  I think that stupid agent costs more than he is worth.

After reading the paper one night Victor called me into the living room.  His book was a #1 best seller.  Which was weird because that creepy little rat agent didn’t tell us it sold.  Jerk.

“We’re going to be getting the royalties though, right?”

“Yes, yes, of course!  It’s going to be 650 simoleans every Sunday!  Can you believe it?!  We both made it!”

“Well, don’t quit your teaching job just yet, cowboy.  Those royalties still aren’t enough to buy that house.”

“Don’t worry about that, baby.  I bought us something online that will take care of all our worries.  It will be here tomorrow and by Friday we will be signing the papers for our new home!”

I didn’t know what Victor had in mind but I was so busy dreaming about our new home I didn’t care.

The next night I was working on more potions in the dungeon.  I am in high demand right now.  People keep asking for more and more.  I’m not going to complain though.  At least we will be able to get our house sooner!

“Hey, Liddy?  That thing I ordered is here!  I’m going to go try it out!”

“Ok, honey.  Don’t hurt yourself!”

I don’t know if her heard me.  You know how boys can be with their new toys.


“Victor!  Victor, close the door.  You are letting all the neighborhood animals in.  You don’t want that horse* to get in here again do you?”




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