Eternally Yours · Generation 1

Chapter 1.5

After several months of planning the big day finally arrived!

I told Victor I would meet him at the wedding venue.  Then I ran off to the salon to get my makeover.  Marigold was my maid-of-honor and she helped me with my dress, hair, and make-up.  My alchemy business is still not doing too well so this wedding is on the cheap.

When I was ready, Marigold drove me to the Wedding Chapel Extravagana.  You can tell Victor and I stand out even here in Moonlight Falls.  We have the only colorful cars.

We decided to do a viewing before the wedding.  I wanted to have a close-up reaction when Victor saw me for the first time.

Yeah…totally worth it.  I have to admit…I looked way more beautiful that I ever thought possible.

“Liddy…you look…wow.  Liddy…you know you can still back out.  I am not going to make you marry me if you really don’t want to do it.  I won’t hate you.  We can wait until you are ready.”

“Oh, Vic shush.  Everything is already paid for so we have to go through with it. Of course I want to marry you.  Now get under that wedding arch!”

And so it happened.  I got married.

When Victor put that ring on my finger though…I knew this was right.  I knew he was the only one I ever wanted to be with…forever.

It was an incredible moment.  Good thing we had to kiss because I was totally speechless.

Victor gave a silly speech and then cut the wedding cake.  A couple people peed on themselves…but that seems to be a tradition here in Moonlight Falls.  We just went along with it.

For our first dance we chose Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.”  Cheesey, I know.  But, it was perfect.  We are kinda cheesy anyway.

“Hey, Liddy…let’s blow this popsicle stand.  You look too good to be true.  You should probably take off your clothes so I can make sure you are real…”

“Victor!  Shut up!  And what the heck kinda pickup line is that?”

“I really don’t know.  You are just so beautiful that my brain don’t work so good anymore.  So we better leave before I make a fool of myself.”

We left our own reception early.  The guests didn’t seem to mind.  I’m sure they all knew where we were going on our wedding night anyway.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 1.5

  1. Liddy looked gorgeous in her wedding gown (my favorite one). And, Victor’s face was priceless, his mouth agape at his beautiful bride. Aww…. 😀

    I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Just found your blog recently.

    1. Welcome! I’m glad you are enjoying what you’ve read so far. Hopefully you’ll stick around for all the craziness (both in game and in my life) and I hope you like the rest of the tale!

  2. Liddy looked like an angel! They are such a lovely couple 🙂 It was funny how Victor kept on asking Liddy if she really wanted to marry him. Her response was priceless!
    I’m glad I found your blog, I’m having a blast!

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