Month: March 2013


Happy Easter!  To those who don’t celebrate the holiday: Happy Sunday! I am finally functional!  I am preparing to return to class tomorrow.  I am a wee bit nervous about this but I will be ok!  As for today I am taking it easy….

Chapter 1.23

She really was a cute toddler.  The imaginary friend left a lot to be desired though.  Seriously. We worked on the whole potty training thing first.  Because, let’s face it.  That whole thing really sucks. Mollie is such a brilliant little girl!  We bought…

Chapter 1.22

As we got closer to my due date I started “nesting”.  I cooked copious amounts of food so we wouldn’t have to worry about that. After we had finished decorating the new baby’s room I kissed Victor.  I was so excited about where I…

I’m Back…Sorta

So I am back from my hiatus…sorta. I returned from vacationing with my family Sunday night but Monday morning I was rushed to the emergency room.  Turns out I had a kidney stone that was completely blocking the tube from the kidney to the…

Chapter 1.21

As soon as I suspected I was pregnant I started spending more time with Mollie.  I didn’t want her to think that just because we were going to have a new family member that we were going to forget about her. I waited to…

Chapter 1.20

“Liddy, I think we should take a vacation.  Head to the beach.  Maybe Paris?” “Or maybe we could have another baby, instead?” “Huh…Come on, Miss Mollie.  It’s bedtime for you.” I was mostly serious.  What have I done? “What do you think, Mollie?  Would…

Chapter 1.19

Victor and I were both really surprised when the vacant lot next to us was purchase.  It had been empty for such a long time when someone finally bought it I had to rush right over and find out who and why. Her name…

Chapter 1.18

After 12 freakishly long months, Mollie’s birthday was upon us. I snuggled my little baby that morning knowing she would be a toddler in only a few hours.  It’s so much easier to love the baby stage when she isn’t crying. I made French…

Chapter 1.17

Ok…Babies are hard. I decided that since I am now a mother I needed to look like one.  So I got a makeover and bought more “mom” clothing. We also bought a bigger house. Oh…and a minivan.  Yeah, I am that cool now. Tonight…

Chapter 1.16

The morning after the spicy shrimp, I started having contractions. It was going to be a long day, so I made us both some coffee.  I couldn’t help but enjoy the fact that I would soon have my body back.  But HOLY CRAP there…


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