Eternally Yours


As promised, chapters will now be released three times a week.

Look for new chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 6am and 12pm CST.

It was just getting to be too much work only posting once a week.  I have 18 chapters written, people!  And there’s about 5 or 6 more in my drafts folder.  So we are still talking like 8 weeks of the Lox family even with posts three times a week!  Be excited.  I am.

Why so many chapters written in advance?  Well it has to do with that whole college thing.  I try to get as much done before hand as I can so I can focus mostly on my classwork.  But all work and no play is boring so I have my sims.

Anyway, look for chapter 4 on February 27 (tomorrow)!

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