Eternally Yours · Generation 1

Chapter 1.3

After two days of throwing up I finally knew I had to do something.  I caught Victor before he left for work.

“Hey, Vic…”

“What’s up, beautiful?”

“I’ve been really sick lately…I think…well I might be pregnant.”


I wasn’t sure how he was feeling.  He’s always been very thoughtful and brave.  He doesn’t let his feelings show very often.  When he got up to leave for work I was pretty sure he was angry.

I knew how he felt.  I didn’t want to be pregnant either.  I still have a hundred years ahead of me.  I don’t want to have kids now.  Victor and I aren’t even married yet.  I am sooooo not ready for that either.  Who wants to grow up when you’re 27 when you have at least 100 years ahead of you!?

Victor stopped me on his way out the door.

“Liddy?  Whatever the tests show today…I’ll still love you and we will make it work.  So don’t worry, ok?”

I was so nervous I went straight to the doctor.  I got to the office before most of the doctors and nurses.  I just…I had to find out for sure…and immediately.

When I got home I heard Victor calling to me from the spare bedroom.  The door was all painted funny.  Come to think of it…Victor is supposed to be at work.  It’s 11:30 in the morning…on a Wednesday.

What the…?

“Do you like it, Liddy?  I called in a personal day at work.  As soon as you left I called a decorating team and they came in and redid the whole guest room.  Isn’t it a wonderful nursery?  Do you love it?!  It’s ok if you don’t…I’ll have it re-done.”

“Victor…it’s incredible!  Oh, Victor…the test was negative.  I’m not pregnant.  I only had the flu.  I’m sorry.”

“Oh.  It’s ok.  It’ll just be ready for one day…”

“Right.  I need to go work on my potions.”

I went down into the dungeon and researched alchemy like never before.  Not only was I feeling guilty about my lack of income but now I was also feeling bad about my lack of pregnancy.  Victor took the whole damn day off work, without pay, to decorate a nursery that we can’t even afford and we don’t even need.  UGH!

I walked passed the spare room…er nursery on my way to bed.  I couldn’t help but feel a stab of guilt and sadness when I saw Victor sitting in the custom rocker for the baby we don’t even have.

11 thoughts on “Chapter 1.3

  1. So sad Liddy isn’t pregnant, but the nursery looks great. I hope she’ll find some use in the future 😉 I’ve much enjoyed reading your story so far and I’m looking forward the next chapters.

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