Chapter 1.4

The week dragged on after the pregnancy scare.  Victor was really disappointed.  I really wasn’t so it was difficult for me to know where he was coming from.  That’s probably why we didn’t talk much.

My garden was coming along really well and I was grateful for that.  It gave me something else to deal with instead of Victor.  I was weeding the garden when Victor called me upstairs.  If he has another stupid love charm to throw at me I am gonna turn him into a frog.

“Liddy…look.  You have a hundred or more years ahead of you.  I get that you don’t want to get married yet.  I understand why you don’t want to have kids.  But…well Liddy I am going to die 50, 60, maybe even 70 years before you.  And damnit I want to marry you.  I want to have kids with you.  I’m not going to live as long as you.  I want to do this now.  With you.”

“Victor…you knew how I felt all those years ago.  Why now?  Why me?  Why?  Ok…well I will play you for it.  Rock, paper, scissors.  Best two out of three.  Winner take all.  You win, you propose.  I win, we wait.”


I know Victor better than I know myself.  I can’t believe he agreed to this…it’s a bet he can’t win.

But…he did.

“Lydia Catherine Aglovale…will you FINALLY be my wife?”

“Oh get up, Vic…of course I will marry you.  How the hell did you win that?  I knew what you were going to do.”

“I know you did, which is how I won.  Liddy…I know you better than you know yourself.  Just like you know me better than anyone.  How could I not win when the stakes were so high.  Lydia…you don’t have to marry me if you don’t want…are you sure this is what you really want to do?”

“Oh, Victor!  Of course I want to marry you.  I’ve never wanted anything more!”


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Chapter 1.3

After two days of throwing up I finally knew I had to do something.  I caught Victor before he left for work.

“Hey, Vic…”

“What’s up, beautiful?”

“I’ve been really sick lately…I think…well I might be pregnant.”


I wasn’t sure how he was feeling.  He’s always been very thoughtful and brave.  He doesn’t let his feelings show very often.  When he got up to leave for work I was pretty sure he was angry.

I knew how he felt.  I didn’t want to be pregnant either.  I still have a hundred years ahead of me.  I don’t want to have kids now.  Victor and I aren’t even married yet.  I am sooooo not ready for that either.  Who wants to grow up when you’re 27 when you have at least 100 years ahead of you!?

Victor stopped me on his way out the door.

“Liddy?  Whatever the tests show today…I’ll still love you and we will make it work.  So don’t worry, ok?”

I was so nervous I went straight to the doctor.  I got to the office before most of the doctors and nurses.  I just…I had to find out for sure…and immediately.

When I got home I heard Victor calling to me from the spare bedroom.  The door was all painted funny.  Come to think of it…Victor is supposed to be at work.  It’s 11:30 in the morning…on a Wednesday.

What the…?

“Do you like it, Liddy?  I called in a personal day at work.  As soon as you left I called a decorating team and they came in and redid the whole guest room.  Isn’t it a wonderful nursery?  Do you love it?!  It’s ok if you don’t…I’ll have it re-done.”

“Victor…it’s incredible!  Oh, Victor…the test was negative.  I’m not pregnant.  I only had the flu.  I’m sorry.”

“Oh.  It’s ok.  It’ll just be ready for one day…”

“Right.  I need to go work on my potions.”

I went down into the dungeon and researched alchemy like never before.  Not only was I feeling guilty about my lack of income but now I was also feeling bad about my lack of pregnancy.  Victor took the whole damn day off work, without pay, to decorate a nursery that we can’t even afford and we don’t even need.  UGH!

I walked passed the spare room…er nursery on my way to bed.  I couldn’t help but feel a stab of guilt and sadness when I saw Victor sitting in the custom rocker for the baby we don’t even have.


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Chapter 1.2

After a couple weeks, we were settling nicely in Moonlight Falls.  We fit in here.  It’s great.

While on my way to the alchemy shop, I ran into Marigold.  We were best friends back in the orphanage.  I missed her so much!  Even though Victor and I were now living in a Supernatural town, I had yet to run into any.  Then MARIGOLD!  It was nice to see another fairy.  So nice, that we stopped in the middle of the road to play fairy games and talk about our wing colors and to talk about flowers.

Finally, I made it to the alchemy shop.  My potions still are not selling.  Hilda says I need to use better and more rare ingredients.

But it’s still early spring and many of plants are still dormant.  It sucks because Victor is still working so hard and getting promoted at the school and I can’t even sell a stupid Vial of Bliss for more that $15!

As soon as I got home I set to work in the basement.  I cleared out all of our old furniture and donated it to charity.  Then I went to the home improvement store and got some planters.  I am going to make us money no matter what.  Victor needs a break!

Within a few days I had some small buds.  Since I only had six plants it didn’t take too long to care for them.  Hopefully, I will be able to make some money for us now!

“Hey, Liddy!”

“Victor!  You’re ho–ACK!  What was that!?”

“Nothing much…just a love charm…”

“Oh…huh.  I am feeling more amorous.  Would you like to take advantage of the effects of your magic?”

Yeah, even after all this time we still have fun.  This is why I love Victor so much.  He always keeps me on my toes!

It was a couple days later though that I started to get worried about Victor’s love charm…


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Chapter 1.1

Hiya!  I’m Lydia.  Don’t ever call me that!  My friends call me Liddy and I want you to call me that, too.  I grew up in Appaloosa Plains with my dad Basil.  I never met my mom Morgan but my dad says she was an evil witch ( my word, not his) of a woman.  My dad was a human and since I’m a fairy I guess my mom must have been one, too.  That’s about all I know about her though.  She gave birth to me and before the ink was even dry on my birth certificate she was gone.

For as much fun as I have as a fairy, there is one really awful thing.  I live a really, REALLY long life.  Most people I talk to don’t see why that is a curse.  Unfortunately, I outlive everyone I love.  By the time I turned 10-year-old, my father had aged 50 years.  He died three weeks before my eleventh birthday.  Since I aged so slowly and everyone else aged normally, my father’s friends and family had all passed away, too.  Some nice social worker came and collected me and took me to the orphanage.

It wasn’t all bad at the orphanage, though.  It’s where I met Victor.  Victor is now my boyfriend.  He is also 83 years younger than me.  Weird, huh?!  We look the same age but it’s only because I am a fairy.  Victor is nearing middle age, which is sad because it means I will outlive him, too.

Victor is also a witch.  Did I mention the orphanage was for “otherworldly” kids?  Yeah, it was pretty awesome.  So anyway, enough about that.

When we were old enough, Victor and I moved to Moonlight Falls.  We heard that they were more accepting of supernatural folk there.  Victor and I live together in a pretty normal house.  Upstairs there are a couple bedrooms, an office, and a game room.

Our basement is full of old stuff that we collected from consignment shops.

Oh, and the basement has a secret passage to my alchemy lab.  I am currently a level 5 alchemist.  I am trying to make living doing it but it’s not going so well.  Don’t tell Victor!  He’s working really hard as a teacher and I want to pull my own weight, too.

So anyway, that’s our life right now.  I promise not to ramble so much next time.  And I won’t be so formal.  I just really wanted you to get to know us.  Maybe I will even let Victor talk from time to time.  Who knows.  Well, bye!


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Eternally Yours focuses mainly on Lydia Algovale and her boyfriend Victor Lox.  Lydia is a fairy and Victor is a witch.  They have just moved to Moonlight Falls.  They will formally introduce themselves in the next post.

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